What is solfège ?

Solfège is the set of principles that exist to have the ability to read and compose music. So, independently, these rules must be learned by any artist, regardless of their level. We have a set of symbols that we will write on a score to play. So to read or a fortiori write songs, it seems clear to go through the music theory box. So let us suppose that each musician must earn a minimum of solfeggio, or at least have theoretical knowledge, to play a work.Discover the website https://reprtoir.com/ for more information .

Learning to play the piano

Learning to play the piano with both hands would be your first problem encountered during the first hours of training. It is therefore at the same time a pillar of learning. Coordinating is to execute very precise notes with both hands by similar movements. It is a practical exercise so that the brain starts to get used to playing hands together by concentrating on a single gesture with the hands. It is the knowledge of a new language: rhythm, notes. When you are sure you have heard your piano notes and music notes, you can play different songs that will also require both hands. To learn music discover music publisher software .

Learning a musical instrument

Learning a musical instrument is never a simple thing, even for the guitar, but studying the guitar seems simple enough: you understand important and minor chords, and you learn to scratch with your pick, then you learn to place your palms on your neck, whether to create chords, bars or play your first solos. But not everyone has exactly the same learning abilities: some will have an easier ear than others, some will already have ideas for audio or solfeggio that will allow them to interpret what they must decipher.

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